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    Photo gallery sleep at night instead

      Photo gallery

    ‘Certainly, Dora first, I hope,’ said Agnes, laughing

    exulting in the coming discomfiture of the vagrant donkeys, with

    could not help moving it to my lips, and gratefully kissing it

    thus awakened, opened floodgates of sorrow Rush of grief

    transmission of my clothes and books from Mr Wickfield’s;

    hopeful of you’

    her—more freely than I did that morning

    and kiss her, when Mr Wickfield stepped between them, as if by

    yield to any other, or had the least resemblance to the boyish

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Gulpidge’s turn to be surprised, and that by another in which the

    that I couldn’t bear it The whole of his lank cheek was invitingly

    ‘Yes, yes, it is,’ cried Mrs Gummidge ‘I know what I am I know

    my own Dora hang up the bird-cage, and peep into the balcony to

    fashions which he said had ‘just gone out’

    thank Heaven! Ain’t we, father?’

    That sagacious Miss Mills, too; that amiable, though quite used

    your life to such a poor pursuit as I can offer?’

    closet within my mother’s room, to look out at it; and I see the red

    I know—you know! I thought it possible that I could truly love one

    We all got up then; and my mother said hurriedly that, as it was so

    school, was in its place; and a fine old house it must have been to

    company with a Baboon; but I think it must have been a Baboo—

    was standing in the garden, where she let mine go, and drew hers

    into; and then I, who had, according to custom, stood up on the

    him, saying, ‘Look, papa, what beautiful flowers!’ And Miss Mills

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Jackson, or something of that sort, one would think’

    Peggotty, who was not quite right in the name yet, ‘for I an’t heard

    all, Master Copperfield!’


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