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    Hard and harsh Ruthless synthesis

      Hard and harsh

    I was a little disappointed, I must confess, but thoroughly

    ‘To coals,’ said Mrs Micawber ‘To the coal trade Mr Micawber

    The master did not speak, no one would dare to speak, let the darkening sky, nobody want to light the candle, until

    eyed, pimple-faced man, with his hair standing upright all over his

    ‘Affection,’ said Miss Lavinia, glancing at her sister for

    garden, when Mr Murdstone—I knew him by that name now—

    hope they will ever remain so I will not sit here, and hear such

    me, that he had been very low and poorly all day, and had gone to

    always spoke of himself indefinitely, as ‘a man’, and seldom or

    He came to visit with other lieutenant, Montreal is found wreckage, there is no full body, death and stretching nearly singular, Ge gives a glance, then led his team into the search.

    Blood in ’em! Myself, I’d rather at any time be knocked down by a

    of her voice, or appearing with an atom of her dress astray

    coming to the houses he had mentioned At length I saw some

    inquire—and what am I to do? It’s a dreadful thing to gape, but I

    because, you having known her poor father, and having known

    Not altered in the least!’

    ‘Oh!’ said Mr Dick ‘Yes Do with—I should put him to bed’

    to judge of this fact from the appearance of the gravy, forasmuch

    if Agnes were one of the elements of my natural home As if, in the

    of receiving it my indignation would have found a vent! Probably

    winking at me, ‘but I say that half the women in Yarmouth—ah!

    ‘It’s an affecting thing,’ said Mrs Markleham—‘however it’s


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